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READ MORE Ciara showed everyone multiple times Saturday she's ok after her scary car crash the day before.

Ciara and hubby Russell Wilson strolled through We Ho with a tasty treat, then Russell took the… -- Possibly naked Russell Wilson pressing his face into your back while…

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Since making her musical debut in 2004, Ciara has attained eight Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles, including a number one.

She has also earned numerous awards and accolades, including three BET Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, three MOBO Awards, and one Grammy Award.

Na początku 2004 nagrała demo z producentem Seanem Garrettem.

Niedługo po tym, demo zwróciło uwagę Lil Jona i stało się jej debiutanckim singlem.

i had a class mate who was in love with her when we were 16 and he had posters of her and he described her skin as a brilliance of mousse au chocolate and red roses in a glas of high class champagne Log in to Reply Actually that woman color is what Igbo were said to have looked like, by the Slavers. Some pics depending on the lighting, I can look half Chinese or half Mexican. I personally would like to know what my African ethnicity I am.

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