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He also worked as a waiter and plumber before he landed his modeling contract.Jason was born as Jason Lewis in Newport Beach, California, United States of America to Gregory Lewis and Nancy Lewis. In November 2005, Jason was seen with Rosario Dawson having romantic love affairs with her. She is also the founder and owner of her own production company Trybe.Check out the video above to see what he told toofab's Candice Brock about filming some of their racier ... She was fun to be around and supportive as a colleague." "Like you do with any character, you kind of try and find what their truth is," Lewis says of how he prepped for the unique circumstances.

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Jason lewis currently dating

Full Story Remember when Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a SEX COLUMN, refused to talk about her sex life with her 3 closest friends in the Sex & the City Movie?

Lewis hit up the Marilyn Denis Show this morning to promote Textuality.

Here he is last night at the Atonement screening in New York – and no one thought to ask him to clarify those rumours he’s dating Jennifer Aniston.

, and with his chiseled features and piercing blue eyes, Jason Lewis is just as sexy offscreen.

adding that he think Smith and Samantha would be back together. Also check out the full interview to see what Jason said about stripping down on the show and one of the series' most iconic scenes!

Be sure to catch "If There Be Thorns" on Sunday, April 5th at 8 p.m.

"All I'll say," hedges Lewis, "is that I did go on location, and the place has the most delicious dates." "Dates" as in fruit, Web MD asks? "Right." He confirms the first guess, those iconic ocean-blue eyes lit with mischief.

This tells SATC fans two things: Smith is indeed returning to the fab four's world, despite Samantha's much-debated speech that sent him packing in the first film.

First there was HBO's Sex and the City, a pop-culture juggernaut that introduced an era of designer stilettos as foreplay. He begs off sharing plotlines: "I hate reading spoilers!

Among fans of all three, actor Jason Lewis -- who has played Jerry "Smith" Jerrod since season six of the series -- inspires a kind of breathless, can-anyone-be-this-hot? Web MD tracked down Lewis, 39, one sunny day in Venice, Calif., to explore the ins and outs of modern love, and to check in on the latest SATC2 drama and his role in it.

Satsuki Mitchell was reportedly left stunned when the James Bond star married Rachel Weisz in New York last June (11).

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